Pros and Cons of Facebook Status Updates
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Pros and Cons of Facebook Status Updates

We should take care what we share in our Facebook. There are pros and cons to facebook status updates. Some information should be kept private. Etiquette should still be observed online.

Social networking sites are a great way to keep in touch with friends. Sites such as multiply, myspace, or friendster is where we upload pictures for our friends to view. Some of them even had blogging as a feature. Facebook started out the same way although it had third party applications to make it more interesting. You can send friends stuffed toys, hugs, or plants to let them know that you're thinking of them.

Facebook has now overshadowed other networking sites. This I think began when it started having games that you can play with your friends. From there it just grew and grew. One thing I noticed was the way some people used their status. It's an efficient way of sharing news with friends and updating them on the latest in our lives. Now I read all sorts of weird status messages some of which should not be shared in public because of the Eeeeeeeww factor. I noticed that people who were normally shy and reserved were the worst offenders sharing just about anything and everything. The fact that people can't see them face to face removes their inhibitions and they just let it all hang out. There are pros and cons of status updates in facebook that people should keep in mind.

There are people who announce all the pains and aches that they have. "Jaw/tooth is swollen and aching." I've seen some that made me wish I didn't read it because an unpleasant picture of that person flashed in my mind. I understand that you want to tell your friends that you've had an operation or some medical emergency. It could phrased in a way that wouldn't make people throw up their lunch if they've just had lunch. People should really be mindful of the pros and cons of facebook status updates.

Then there are people who have whole paragraphs in the status. I have such a friend. She summarizes her whole day in her status messages from the start of the day until she turns in at night.

And then there are those who are so much in love that they cannot help but shout to the world how lucky they are to have found the sweetest, most considerate, most loving, wonderful guy in the whole world.

Some people purposely say vague things practically begging each one of their friends to ask amount their status.

There are those who share everytime they eat in a restaurant and enumerate each dish that they had. And they're not fat. I hate reading it when I'm hungry. I'm just envious.

There are people who give their friends a blow by blow of their every move from the time they wake up. "Just had a shower." "Heading out the door." "Got in late at the office." Facebook for iphone was made for them. But this is better done on twitter don't you think?

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Comments (4)

True. I don't use Facebook, but it seems that a lot of the people that do tell the world everything. I don't really see the point myself... *Voted up* =)

Very interesting article and very true! I signed up to facebook when it first came out as a networking site to do networking but as it grew younger people began to overtake and and now I just simply post my links there.

Sorry I ran out of votes for today but will definately buzz up!

Informative, can you give me more information about third party privacy infringement