The Absurdity Of Women Making Money Through Writing Through Time
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The Absurdity Of Women Making Money Through Writing Through Time

Thoughts on women making money through writing through time.

Just the title is absurd considering the thousands of women making money by writing.  Writing as a Greek with all the knowledge of my evolutionary memory , I can look back and actually read the works of Sappho, the poetess. Of course, her memory has been relegated to the gods that were Greeks. Sappho was from Lesbos and the label lesbian is directly attributable to her. She was a woman and she had women friends, learned, reading and writing friends as Socrates was a man and he had male friends. I am also a woman, a Greek, but not a lesbian information for those involved in the grouping of humans according to labels and doing online research.

Thank goodness, friends that Sappho was of a class that could not easily be made to drink hemlock or be banished since like Socrates who could have taken banishment as he could have re-entered Athens in seven years but chose death on a principle, Sappho was also not politically correct and chose to butt the male dominated control of her age.   I guess that Socrates chose death because unlike Sappho, he was too lazy to go on living outside of his city.

However, since we live in the United States and are more or less influenced by English writers, we should drop our evolutionary past and look at the present and its evolutionary past.  With that in mine,  we have no further to look than at the plight of poor Jane Austen. She wrote not because she was a pale vision of an early American writer, Emily Dickinson, living in an attic, Jane Austen wrote because she lived and she needed money from her writing.

It gives me no end of amusement to eyeball little learned pretentious American women flaunting their K-mart original clothing and emulating Jane Austen’s preposterous, delightfully comic heroines. The manners and the society were peculiar to one of Jane Austen’s class and have little if any bearing on Kingly Henry the Eighths types. But her heroines filled the foolish minds of girls and women and men like herself who needed to imagine a romanticized version of their en slavers.

We can even jump in history and include such anti feminists as Freud.  Just as Freud’s really obscene written opinion that a woman earning as much as a man at the same craft would be absurd since he should have known better having Mary Magdalene in his family tree there are times when the world is peopled with double absurdities. .

Really! Mr. Freud. Your psychology shows a definite childhood of abuse which you used to catapult yourself into the Father of Modern Psychology

Jumping into the present, we are faced with sexually suggestive stories written by lonely women in bedroom offices.  There male exploiters continue to call their mental bed rompings romantic.  Actually, a romantic poet like Sappho or her counterpart John Keats would say, to love divine is to love sublime and never to physically mix the stars dust with the mortal shell or some such platonic stuff. 

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