The New "Thirty-Somethings": What's Changed in Past 20 Years?
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The New "Thirty-Somethings": What's Changed in Past 20 Years?

There is so much pressure on young people to be financially successful


There is so much competition out there career wise and financially, for young people today.  Who can buy a house like our parents in the past? Definitely not on one salary anymore, and even when there are 2 salaries it can be difficult!! A "house" today has become a 500-square-foot condo! And if you live in "the city" or any major hub, it will cost you at least $300- $400 in today’s pricey market!

I moved out at 17 and rented my own one-bedroom place, how many young people can afford to do that today?  From the minute they graduate from high school, the pressure is on financially. Kids are living at home much longer or they have 4 room-mates. Once the thirties start approaching, people get tired of living this way, and work harder to improve their lifestyle. Many people I have interviewed, actually have anxiety about turning 30, much more than 40! The pressure to succeed is becoming an addiction, and no one wants to be left in the dust.

The "thirty something" crowd are now becoming the beautiful people in many cities. They have all the bells and whistles. The BMW convertibles, svelte muscular gym bodies, designer clothing, top "" careers, and if they don’t have the money to pay for it, they lease, loan or steal their way into the new thirties! (OK, maybe not steal.)  It has become a very material world, and somewhere along the line, many people feel that they are NO ONE until they can fit in with these assets.  New trends and fads have more status attached now, so if you are not keeping up with the Joneses, you are not on the A-list. Obviously there will still be people that do not care in the slightest, but even they will be feeling the pressures of the "new thirties", financially. . . money pressures are everywhere, regardless of what status you try to live up to.

Let’s talk about 40 being “the new 30.”  This is a phrase that is being used on a regular basis right now. Personally I love it, because It is great for my broadcasting and entertainment future! Girls in their 30’s and 40's no longer have to “give up” their modeling contract or TV spots, because it is now accepted wholeheartedly in the industry! The marketing competition understands that the people buying the product are older, so they have to appease them, to sell it. Makes sense, doesn’t it? This is why shows like Desperate Housewives, Sex and The City, Oprah and Ellen are a hit. Great content and they hit the 30-plus demographic!

Saying that, many of this "2nd wave" of baby boomers, as I call them, have had less family pressures to be responsible about. This is mainly due to the fact that their parents are older and more established. Both parents in the family usually worked, not just one parent like in the 50's. This allows much more flexibility financially. Two incomes allow more financial freedom. Even if the parents are not together, many kids still seem to have affluent lifestyles. Competitive parenting can make endless opportunities for kids. (Which is why this teenaged sense of entitlement is so rampant these days. We are spoiling our children!)

Not all "thirty-something’s" have had the easy lifestyle, especially outside North America. There are many hard working, successful men and women in this age bracket who are aggressively seeking a prosperous future. As a matter of fact, it is the thirty-somethings that OWN the new millennium. Example: Google, YouTube, Face book, & Plenty Of Fish online dating. How smart are these technology geeks?  They have brought us into a world that is much more interesting and user-friendly.  People have been able to reconnect with family, help out other nations, and keep up with our evolving world on a daily basis, through this amazing technology. Cheers, and a whole lot of respect to the "new baby boomers" of the Millennium!! Now if we could just keep talking to each other in person and not rely on texting and e-mails, we would have even better communications and unity.

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